Friday, January 21, 2011


Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I just thought that i needed to get some things off my chest because if i don't i might just loose my mind and that wouldn't be good at all.

1.Why do people say one thing and then do the exact opposite thing just because they can and then they justify the thing that they say that they hated but they do anyways?

2.Why do people not answer their phones then right when you hang up text you back? (I'm not saying that i don't answer my phone cause sometimes i don't have it and I'm sorry but still)

3. Why  do people always expect so much out of me? I can't make everyone happy and forget that i need to take care of myself sometimes!

4. Let's face the fact that are in front of me... I'm not the prettiest girl... and i know that... so why try and put me down huh?

5. Why don't people understand how hard it is to try and do something that you NEED and want to do but you completely have NO support from anyone not even your parent?

6. Who cares what you look like in pictures... sure fix them up a bit but why the heck would you make your pictures look so fake that in person you don't look the same... really i guess FAKE is IN now but why?

Well that's all for now i just needed to get that off my chest but really keep it real be yourself... don't change for anyone and don't try to be someone your not cause you are just wasting your time.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Celtic Storm... wow what can i say about my team...


Thats really all that there is to the team Celtic. We all get along very well and not to brag but we are all...


This girl right here in this photo is Kenzi Adams... she is one of my best friends on the team, and i dont know

what id do without her. She has helped me love this team and get along with everyone because im

new!!! :) (this team has been together FOREVER im not even joking)

This past Thanksgiving we went to the NOMADS soccer tournament in SAN DIEGO CALIFORNIA...

First place was STOLEN from us, and thats not all that was stolen... MY JERSEY,
 the only thing that made me feel apart of the team, apart of any team was taken from me in

 california :(  i now am in a rush to get my jersey so that i can play with the team again and

not just that reason, but because I feel lost with out it.

I miss the beach and the fun times that we had thre as a team and those are the ones im going to remember :)